BlueOcean Ventures ll becomes the first tokenized medtech VC fund with the launch of a dedicated STO platform, SwissVCToken, to allow token holders to gain profit from startup investments

Geneva, Switzerland – October 2018 – BlueOcean Ventures ll, the first tokenized medtech VC fund, is announcing the launch of SwissVCToken, the STO platform dedicated to the sale of the BlueOcean Ventures ll BOV Token. BlueOcean Ventures II invests in medical device and life science startups with the goal of enabling the development of innovations that make the world a healthier and more comfortable place.  

Medtech is creating a virtual means of diagnosing, monitoring, and treating an infinite range of health issues that affect the world’s population. By streamlining healthcare services, providing aid in emergency situations, and building devices that cater to even the smallest needs of patients, medtech is sustaining health in a productive way. Products of medtech startups and companies have introduced timely methods of treatment to society and have managed to help prevent disease through modern testing. As the medtech industry continues to grow and develops specialized equipment that saves lives, the need for innovative companies and their ideas increases along with it.

BlueOcean Ventures ll focuses on investments in medical device and diagnostics companies located in Switzerland and Europe, as well as startups in the life sciences, digital health and nanotechnology sectors. By utilizing a large network of expert advisors and industry contacts, BlueOcean Ventures ll is able to help build, manage and coach the startups it invests in with financial guidance and strategic vision.

BlueOcean Ventures ll has already invested in five promising startups: Ava (elected best Swiss startup in 2017 and 2018), Rheon Medical, Volumina Medical, Luciole Medical and Abionic. Through the STO platform, BlueOcean will sell its BOV Token, backed by real assets and based on the value of the existing portfolio companies. The BOV Token will allow qualified and accredited investors to indirectly gain profit from BlueOcean Venture ll’s portfolio companies early on. As the first tokenized fund to provide cryptocurrency investors access to a three-year-old medtech fund BlueOcean holds the following additional benefits:

  • Asset Backed: Investors can now participate in an already existing portfolio of 5 outstanding ventures from the medical field
  • Liquidity: VC investment is now a tradable asset as BlueOcean transforms the highly illiquid Venture Capital asset class into a tradable asset
  • Accessibility: BlueOcean is providing both cryptocurrency and fiat payment options for those investing in BOV token

The presale of 5 million tokens, with a 60% bonus, will be open beginning October 15th. The presale with continue with 20 million tokens at a 30% bonus until November  30th. 100% of the STO net proceeds will be invested in BlueOcean Ventures II. Once token holders have invested, they can choose to wait until they receive a pro-rata share of the fund’s proceeds or sell their token on exchanges starting in Q1 2019.

“At BlueOcean, we feel confident in our mission to enable outstanding medtech startups to develop novel devices and treatments. The tokenization of venture capital enables a new range of qualified investors for the first time to participate in this promising asset class,” says Emmanuel de Watteville, General Partner and Co-Founder of BlueOcean Ventures ll. “As the first ever tokenzied medtech VC fund, we are providing a means to shareholding and profit gain that lacks the volatility of traditional tokens and coins within the current crypto space.”