BlueOcean is an investment company, registered in Jersey as an investment fund that aims at placing the ventures in which it invests in untapped markets where “the water is fresh and blue”


BlueOcean is an investment fund (‘Limited Partnership’) dedicated to investing in Swiss Hi-Tech early stage projects. BlueOcean investors are family offices and high net worth individuals attracted by the quality of BlueOcean deal-flow, BlueOcean track record and the opportunity to co-invest with reputed venture capital firms.

BlueOcean’s funds are set-up in first-rated investors-friendly location.

Investor Group

  • Pension funds, large institutional investors and family offices eager to benefit from a high return asset category in a safer-than-usual environment
  • High net worth private investors with a personal interest in Swiss hi-tech high growth projects and a desire to exploit early stage opportunities

Investors are authorized to co-invest under certain conditions.

Investment Strategy

We are dedicated to meeting promising companies early on – long before they are investment-ready. Pre-screened candidates are monitored until an investment round can be organized.

  • Primary investment focus is on highly promising early stage Medical Device and Diagnostics companies in Switzerland and Europe
  • Secondary focus is on startup companies in Life Sciences, digital health and nanotechnologies
  • Diversification is sought across maturity stages while growing the portfolio
  • BlueOcean will act as lead investor or as co-investor/syndicator for large investment amounts
  • Pre-money company valuation (first round) is typically CHF 3 to 10 million


BlueOcean’s approach is comprehensive from deal sourcing to following up and exiting.

BlueOcean acts as a partner to all its portfolio companies and helps them develop innovative strategies as they sail in both chartered and unchartered waters. The conditions for a fruitful partnership are mutual trust and respect, a shared strategic vision, strict financial control, and an acute sense of what it takes to exit profitably from the very first days of the partnership.

Deal flow

  • Candidates are sourced early on as a result of BlueOcean deep involvement with Innosuisse (the Swiss Confederation’s Innovation Promotion Agency) and various technology institutions across Switzerland

Due diligence

  • Due diligence is comprehensive on all dimensions: market, product, technology, human, legal, financial – involving both BlueOcean’s team & advisors and outside experts
  • Key emphasis is the Founders’ or Management’s ability to charter new routes and reach harbour
  • Due diligence is peak time to test the fit between BlueOcean and the candidate and plan the route ahead
  • Results of due diligence are shared with the candidate (confidentially permitting)


  • BlueOcean provides post-investment support through hands-on strategic and operational assistance, and brings to bear its team’s long-lasting experience in coaching new ventures
  • BlueOcean usually requires Board presence to insure assistance effectiveness
  • “Dry powder” is kept for participation in subsequent rounds of financing
  • Exit is jointly prepared